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Blind Visionaries: work by The Seeing with Photography Collective

This exhibit will be installed in the Lake George Arts Project Courthouse Gallery September 8 - September 20.

In conjunction with this exhibition the Lake George Arts Project will present a live performance during our Lake George Jazz Weekend, Friday September 17 at 7 pm in Shepard Park. This multi-media performance will feature photography created by the blind and visually impaired members of The Seeing with Photography Collective with original music by Daniel Kelly.

The exhibition Blind Visionaries is an impressive multi-media collaboration with the Seeing with Photography Collective, a pioneering group of visually impaired photographers. The collective is a New York based group, their work is a collaboration between visually impaired and sighted photographers using a technique called light painting. The visually impaired or blind photographer works with a photographer assistant and shares what they want to create based on a vision in their mind’s eye.

What results are riveting, surreal images that have helped these seemingly disabled artists to heal through their work. The Collective’s work has been exhibited worldwide and can be seen in the book Shooting Blind published by Aperture.

Regular Gallery hours may change due to the COVID-19 public health mandates. For Updates please call 518-668-2616 or email laura@lakegeorgarts.org.