The Lake George Arts Project's Courthouse Gallery presents paintings by Yeachin Tsai!

This exhibit will be installed in the Lake George Arts Project Courthouse Gallery, and available for the public to view. In place of an on-site gallery reception, you're welcome to join a Live Online Talk with Yeachin Tsai on October 2 at 4pm. Zoom link here.

Yeachin Tsai’s art swings between the seen world of rhythmic colors and forms, and the unseen world of momentum and energies. While growing up in Taiwan, Tsai studied traditional Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, and she would later incorporate that training into her work after moving to New York. Rather than building up a painting surface, she creates a surface that soaks in paint – canvases prepared with grounds that behave like traditional rice paper, pulling the paint in.

Yeachin says:  “I’ve always been intrigued by form, pattern and colors from nature. My interest may have started when I was four years old. I remember seeing the floating, shining dust particles reflecting the sunlight in the stale attic air of my family’s old house. The magic quality of nowness left an unspeakable feeling in my mind… I want to create artwork that is primordial and timeless, ancient yet modern. I wish to catch the symbolism and momentum of the flow. The materials are used to reflect the feelings and perceptions I have experienced in life – the ever changing, transient, fleeting moments of this dynamic, chaotic yet harmonious world"

For more information on Yeachin Tsai, click here.

Please NOTE: Regular Gallery hours may change due to COVID-19 public health concerns and protocols. For updates please call 518-323-5499 or email or visit.