Oh no - you missed it! But don't be blue. The Lake George region hosts plenty of events year-round, and we know you'll find something that sparks your interest. Search our Lake George events and turn that frown upside down.

Check back for details in 2022!

Fright Fest is the scariest event in the Lake George Area!

*No costumes for guests over the age of 12

Six Flags Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor's annual Fright Fest event will have you shaking in your boots! This month long celebration of all things spooky is the perfect event for kids and adults to celebrate Halloween. Fright Fest is the North Country's scariest Halloween celebration!

The daytime at the park offers thrills and family-friendly activities that kids will love. Once the sun goes down, zombies and ghouls invade the park, and no place is safe from the scares. The fear factor is cranked up after 5:00 p.m.: fright-filled scare zones are located throughout the park, frightening shows last all evening, roaming hordes of terrifying creatures are set to scare around every turn, and thrill rides become more terrifying in the dark.

 Haunted Attractions: Only the bravest souls dare to navigate our Haunted Mazes. Navigate a labyrinth in darkness and beware of those trying to help you.

  • Skull Manor - Come meet the Landon family!
  • Carnevil - The deadliest show on earth.
  • Nightmare at Crackaxle Canyon - Don't ignore the warning signs, this building was boarded up for a reason.

Scarezones: Beware what lurks in the shadows! A simple walk through the park may be more terrifying than you think.

  • Dark Oaks Graveyard - Can you make it out alive?
  • Infested - Avoid the webs, no matter what.

Entertainment & Shows: This creepy and catchy MONSTERTAINMENT will leave you howling for more!

  • The Awakening - Kick off the night with this high energy show, hosted by Malcolm Massacre!
  • Zombie Bash - A hypnotizing dance party with zombies being bad to the bone. 

Rides: Our thrilling coasters are event more chilling in the dark!

  • Towering Terror - Celebrate the Red, White, & Boo with this nighttime thrill ride!
  • Creatures of the Comet - Can you survive the creatures lurking in the dark around the Comet?
  • Dark Nightmare - This hidden ride returns to haunt your dreams!
  • Demon's Ring - Do you dare ride the Demon's Ring?
  • The Demon Witch - Take a thrilling ride on this cursed coaster!