Movie lovers don't want to miss this new exhibit!

“Now Showing”, at the Chapman Museum, presents a historical perspective on how the evolution of moving pictures impacted our local communities. From the early years of storefront nickelodeons, to lavish “movie palaces” and outdoor drive-ins, the exhibit discusses how hometown trends reflected national issues. It examines the architecture, the technology, and the story of how popcorn saved theaters, and shares how cars and televisions influenced the direction of the industry.

Personal accounts of past theatre employees, as well as memories from those in the audience, bring an additional dimension to understanding theatre life. Visitors view clips from a 1921 movie produced by a woman with ties to Glens Falls, hear the original Park Theatre March, and get their fill of classic intermission ads on video.

Don't miss Movie Nights at the Chapman that features the classic films Little Shop of Horrors, Gulliver's Travels, and It's A Wonderful Life.

Masks are currently required at all in-person events at the museum, regardless of vaccination status.