jux-ta-po-si-tion, noun - The instance of two or more things placed side by side with contrasting effect.

 The reception for this new gallery will be at Tannery Pond Center on August 27th, 5:00pm - 7:00pm.

For everyone’s safety at the reception, masks will be required and refreshments will not be served.

Nancy DiDonato and Joanna Monroe often start with the same theme, idea, or materials for their work, however these two long-time friends and fellow artists create dramatically divergent work. While their approach to creating art is very different, these unique perspectives and attention to details have won them numerous awards, often in the same show.

Quotes from the artists:

Nancy DiDonato - "Fabrics, colorful, textural, glitzy, patterned, are my constant inspiration. My works are often one part engineering and one part sewing. I’m a stickler for detail always challenging myself to attempt something that seems impossible, except to me. My failures are a learning experience. My successes are my joy.

Joanna Monroe - "Mixed media textile art enables me to express my love of nature, represent favorite places, and create abstractions. Curiosity and experimentation influence my work as I intuitively create visual images and concepts that others can instinctively understand."