Explore the outdoors with Adirondack Mountain & Stream Guide Service!

Adirondack Mountain & Stream Guide Service is a four-season, fully-licensed guide service offering hunting, fishing, canoeing, hiking, backpacking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing throughout the Adirondacks. We have been guiding folks like you through the mountains, lakes, rivers and streams for over 25 years.

Our fishing trips can be based on the larger bodies of water in the area or remote Adirondack ponds and streams. Adirondack Mountain & Stream can help you and your group land bass, native trout, northern pike, and more. If you'd like to turn your fishing trip into an overnight camping adventure, we can provide everything from food to tents.

Adirondack Mountain & Stream can lead you and your group on a successful gun or bow hunt. Animals to hunt in the Adirondacks include whitetail deer, hare, grouse, woodcock, and varmint. Have a bird dog? Let us know and we'll help you set up a hunt.

Take a guided canoeing or kayaking trip on flat waters in the Adirondacks. Our guides will help you customize your trip, making it perfect for the family. We provide all camping gear, food, and canoes or kayaks.

We also offer back country hiking and snowshoeing expeditions!