Sometimes the toughest activities are the most fun and rock climbing might be the most demanding activity in the Lake George Area. For a heart-pounding day of sweat and muscle-crushing, you need to climb these walls.

The Lake George Area is great for a relaxing vacation, but sometimes you need some excitement mixed in. For those who need a little bit of intensity in their getaway, the Lake George Area is home to a few rock climbing gyms. These indoor climbing gyms offer safe rock climbing for everyone who wants to get on the wall. You can bring your family to the gym and climb a route based on your experience and ability level. Even if you’ve never rock climbed before, experienced instructors are on hand to make sure you know the ins and outs of safe climbing and that all of your questions are answered.

Want to get out into the Adirondacks and do some all natural climbing? Contact the expert guides at Rocksport. These folks have decades of experience and will make sure your day in the Adirondacks is safe and enjoyable. Next time you’re in the Lake George Area make sure to hit the rock climbing gym.

Rocksport Indoor Climbing & Outdoor Guiding Center

Rocksport is proud to be one of the oldest commercial climbing gyms in the United States. Our facility features huge indoor rock climbing walls and 50-foot ceilings. We have gentle challenges for the beginner; moderate terrain for the weekend warrior and fierce overhanging climbing for the expert.